Cardi B and Billie Eilish Squash Rumors of Feud After Met Gala

Cardi B entertained a crowd at a Met Gala afterparty Monday night and her performance has sent the internet in to a spiral!

In video of her performance Billie Eilish can be seen closer to the camera and heard saying "weird" after watching Cardi interact with the crowd.

As expected, fans of both artists went head to head on Twitter defending their faves but now the two are clearing everything up.

In a screen recording of voice memos sent of Instagram DM, Billie explains to Cardi just what she was commenting on when she said "weird."

Billie says:

"Oh my god I was so worried you were gonna see that. I was f****** calling the people around you weird because everybody was coming up to you and shoving their phones in to your ass. And I was like just look at her with your eyes!"

And Cardi replies:

"Internet is tryna divide us! They don't understand that you're my baby!"

Hear the voice memos on the third slide below.

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