TikToker Accused Of Setting Forest On Fire For A Video

Forest fire

Photo: Getty Images

Isn't it wild how someone can have over 10 million followers on an app but you've never heard of them?

Lumaira "Dolly" Asghar is that person. She's got 11.5 million followers on TikTok and is catching some hate for allegedly starting a forest fire.

She posted an 11 second video of her walking down an on-fire-hill in the Magnolia Hills National Park in Islamabad, Pakistan while a trending song plays in the background. The lyrics of the song include a mention of something "setting fire."

Other than the shock of the Earth literally being on fire around her, her caption to the video is what set some people off.

Fire erupts wherever I am

Many users are accusing her of setting the fire just for the video. Now that sounds absurd right? But not really! If true, she wouldn't be the first person to purposely set a fire for a video in the country. There are currently at least 2 other cases of the same nature being investigated.

“Young people desperate for followers are setting fire to our forests during this hot and dry season,” tweeted Islamabad Wildlife Management Board chairperson Rina S Khan Satti. “These psychotic young people have to be caught and put behind bars immediately.” 

The country is facing record high temperatures as forest fire season continues through the month of July.

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