A Stripper Accidentally Got Hired To Work Her Brother's Bachelor Party

Stripper Tips On Stage

Photo: Getty Images

After posting a TikTok about a gig-gone-wrong, a stripper that goes by the name of Kendra is going viral.

The video, now with over 10 million views and counting, explains how Kendra showed up to dance for a bachelor party and realized (once she had her clothes off) that it was actually her brother's bachelor party.

The caption puts it simply -- "I didn't realize it until I was completely nak3d."

She didn't provide any details on where the mishap went down, but she has mentioned on her account in the past that she works at a club in the south.

The comments are kind of dragging her though. One person saying "Things that didn't happen: this."

Another said "I would've noticed my brothers friends and most definitely my brother there." One commenter came to her defense asking if anyone really understood how dark it was in strip clubs.

Definitely a level of embarrassing that I never want to experience.

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