Marshmello Reveals Songs Written With Juice WRLD Will Be Released

Marshmello joins Maxwell and Crystal at the Z100 studios to chat all about new music including songs he had written with Juice WRLD before he passed away in January 2020.

"My main thing is I’m keeping it the same way it was when he was alive," Marshmello says on the music he created with Juice WRLD. Before his passing Marshmello and Juice WRLD made 8-9 songs together. While they have never been released, Marshmello does want to release the music for Juice WRLD's fans, friends and family. However he says the songs will be 'unchanged' from the last moment the two were together. Meaning, no remixes, just putting the music out as they both left it years ago.

"I’m not changing it I’m not remixing it adding stuff I’m keeping it that way," Marshmello continues, "What we both agreed on in the studio is what will come out." Marshmello says, "He’s probably one of the most talented people I have ever met."

Juice WRLD died in January 2020 after being on a plane taking 'several unknown pills' after finding out police were waiting for his plane to land to search it. According to the report, Juice WRLD died as a result of toxic levels of oxycodone and codeine present in his system. However recently Juice WRLD's girlfriend says there is more to the story that his fans don't know about...

Marshmello talks more about new music with Khalid and working with the artist again and more in his interview at Z100! Watch above!

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