13 Small & Stupid Things That Drive Us All Absolutely Insane

Frustrated Caucasian businessman with laptop in office

Photo: Getty Images

A poster on Reddit shared the simply, yet divisive, question: What are the small things that make you unbelievably angry?

As you can imagine, given the opportunity to complain about any tiny little thing, people absolutely sounded off. Here's what they said:

  1. Slow walkers that you just can't pass
  2. Autocorrect that isn't even close to what you were trying to say
  3. People not using their turn signals
  4. Clothes getting caught on something while you're walking
  5. People getting ON the subway before letting others OFF
  6. Not putting your shopping cart back in the parking lot
  7. Someone telling you to do something you were already planning on doing
  8. Wet socks
  9. Chewing with your mouth open
  10. Mispronouncing basic words (Specific = "Pacific"; Library = "Liberry")
  11. Biting the side of your cheek while eating
  12. Someone's tag sticking out of their shirt
  13. Not clearing out the time left on the microwave

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