Eiffel Tower Is Reportedly Falling Apart

Photo: Getty Images

Paris's biggest attraction, the Eiffel Tower is in desperate need of repairs reportedly.

You may start making your plans now to the city of lights, because it may not be lit up by the Eiffel Tower for much longer. A confidential report leaked by the French magazine Marianne reveals the 153-year-old landmark is "riddled with rust" and in "urgent" need of repair. The unidentified Eiffel Tower manager tells the magazine, "If Gustave Eiffel visited the place, he would have a heart attack."

The tower is being repainted for the 2024 Olympics, however according to experts the paint job will only give the monument a "cosmetic facelift," and could make the corrosion on the tower even worse. Experts tell the magazine that the Eiffel Tower needs to be stripped down to metal and be repaired before it's repainted....

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