Makeup Artist Gets Backlash For Over-Charging Woman Because She's A Bride

Photo: Getty Images

A makeup artist is getting backlash online after charging a woman three times the agreed price because she's a bride.

A makeup artist went on social media to vent about being scammed by a bride... but was she? The makeup artist said she charges $500 to do make up for brides on their wedding day. A woman booked her services for a party, without saying wedding for a rate of $150. However, when she realized the makeup was actually for her wedding, the makeup artist said she has to pay an additional $350.

The two women went back and forth with the bride saying she should not have to pay more if she requested 'simple party makeup.' The makeup artist only received an additional $200 instead of the full $350 she feels she was owed! When the makeup artist shared her story online she was asked if she uses different or more expensive products if it's a bride, but the artist said no.

Whose side are you on: the bride or the makeup artist? Let us know in the comments!

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