NYC Declared Second Dirtiest City In The World

Photo: Getty Images

NYC has now been declared the second dirtiest city in the world, only coming second to Rome, Italy.

After Time Out Index conducted a poll of 27,000 city residents from around the world, Rome was considered the dirtiest city in the world with NYC in second then Glasgow, Scotland. Stockholm, Sweden was voted the cleanest.

NYC's trash problem is on the mend as Mayor Eric Adams promised a new garbage program and new street sweepers.. In the meantime the rat population is the largest they've seen in this city since 2010.

"It’s time to toss out the old way of collecting trash in our city," said New York City council member Shaun Abreu in an official statement. "The Clean Curbs pilot will introduce a top-notch tactic for keeping trash from piling up on our streets. Our residents and businesses can breathe a sigh of relief knowing these containers will keep the neighborhood clean and rodents at bay."

Do you think NYC is the second dirtiest city in the world?!

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