Former 'Glee' Star Arrested For DUI Charge In California

Photo: Getty Images

Former 'Glee' star, Blake Jenner (center of photo above) was arrested for a DUI in Burbank, California.

Jenner who starred in Glee for its later seasons was arrested after driving under the influence according to police. Police say they pulled Jenner over for going through a red light. This raised suspicion that he may have been intoxicated. After performing a field sobriety test, it was revealed that Jenner was intoxicated. He will have to appear in court for the incident, but has been released with a promise to appear.

The actor is known for his role as Ryder Lynn in Ryan Murphy's Glee. He has also guest starred on episodes of CW's Supergirl. In 2019 his ex-wife, another Glee star, Melissa Benoist, revealed she was a survivor of domestic violence on Instagram. Without mentioning her name, Jenner confirmed the allegation of abuse "in late 2019" and apologized saying, "I am sorry."

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