Netflix Adds A New Charge To Your Bill To Crack Down On Password Sharing

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Netflix has added a new charge to your growing bill!

Netflix has been fighting to keep it's users from sharing passwords with friends, significant others and roommates. Now the streaming platform will be performing a test on an "add a home" feature where you will be asked to pay a fee if the account is being used away from your home for two weeks. The charge will be $2.99 and there's talk that you'll be able to track who is using your account. You will even have the ability to stop them from having access.

Netflix says they are trying to be as "thoughtful as possible" on charging people for extra access.

“It’s great that our members love Netflix movies and TV shows so much they want to share them more broadly. But today’s widespread account sharing between households undermines our long term ability to invest in and improve our service…
We value our members, and recognize that they have many entertainment choices. So we’re working hard to make great TV shows and films, and to be as thoughtful as possible about how we charge for use across multiple homes.”

After 200,000 subscribers left their Netflix accounts, the company is looking to crack down on password sharing as a way to make up for the loss revenue.

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