NJ Supermarket Goers Are Taking Shopping Baskets Home To Avoid Bag Fees

Photo: Getty Images

New Jersey supermarket shoppers are using their baskets to hold the food to their car and then taking them home with them. What's causing this basket stealing? The ban New Jersey has put on bags....

Across NJ state, supermarkets are reporting that their handheld baskets are going missing by the thousands. Shoppers are getting away with not paying the bag fee, however the stores are having to buy new baskets to replace the ones stolen. The baskets can be as much as $8!

"It's foolish, why would you steal the basket, they need them," Christine Young, who was loading up her car with groceries, said to NBC Friday. "I think it's foolish people are lazy."

The Trenton-based New Jersey Food Council, represents supermarkets and grocery stores and says it is an "industry-wide issue."

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