NYC Commuters Are The Most Stressed In The U.S. According To New Study

Photo: Getty Images

A new study is showing that the New York City commuter is the most stressed in the entire United States.

Subway train delays, horrible traffic and yet people still want to come to NYC to work. It's no wonder that we are the most stressed commuter in the country. In a new study done by, we are officially the most stressed out.

20% of NYC's workforce is made up of commuters according to Big Apple city planners, which makes more than a million people who come into the city for work every day. Of that million, 600,000 of them spend over 90 minutes on their commute. This all comes from census data. Compare this to the entire country and only 5% of US workers use public transportation to get to work. However, 55.6% of NYC commuters depend on public transit. Public transportation can lead to this stress. found that 45.09% of tweets that related to commuting in NYC showed signs of stress. Baton Rouge was found to be the second U.S. city with the most commuter stressed. Jersey City came in third at 43.37%.

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