How Ryan Gosling Blew His Chance At A Role On Gilmore Girls

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Ryan Gosling, known for his roles in iconic movies like The Notebook, Crazy Stupid Love, La La Land, could have also been made famous for a role in Gilmore Girls.

The sweet small town series, Gilmore Girls, could have had another breakout star from their series according to a casting director for the show. Jami Rudofsky said, "[Gosling was] the one who got away." During a Gilmore Girls fan festival via Vulture. , "When I was a very wee casting person, I was casting [an] independent movie for no money." Rudofsky added, "This guy [Gosling] came in, and he was late, and I rolled my eyes because he was late, and he was blonde. I thought he was giving attitude — what I didn't realize was that he was in character. He did the audition, and it was one of the most amazing auditions that I've ever seen." Jami continued, "[I'd] kept him in my mind, and I was thinking, 'I can't wait for them [Gilmore Girls executives] to meet him.' And I am talking him up. I'm like, 'Amy [Sherman-Palladino], guys, he's the best actor. I'm telling you; he is amazing.' So, he came in, I think it was a football character? I don't even remember... He auditioned, and it kind of fell flat. And Amy was like, 'Really, Jami?'"

Could you imagine Gosling being on the show? Even if it was just a small appearance we've seen other famous actors have one-line roles in the series like Rami Maleck and Max Greenfield. It could have been Gosling, but no such luck!

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