NYC Residents Use The Least Swear Words In America, According To New Study

Photo: Getty Images

It may come as a surprise for most New Yorkers, but NYC is one of America's least foul-mouthed places, according to new study. According to the study by WordTips, NYC comes second behind Minneapolis.

The study comes about after WordTips studied tweets from all 50 U.S. states and 320 cities. The tweets were analyzed to find the most common swear words. While NYC and Minneapolis were at the top of the list for the least amount of swear words used, Atlanta was named the most foul-mouthed city.

When do people swear the most? Tuesdays are apparently the day Americans choose to swear online. There are spikes that also see more swear words in the 1a.m. hour.

Even though New Yorkers are angry on the streets, we don't have the most swearing in our tweets!

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