New York Becomes The Sixth State To Allow 'Human Composting'

Photo: Getty Images

New York has become the sixth state to give the ok on human composting according to The NY Post.

On December 31st, Governor Kathy Hochul has signed the legislation to allow human composting. New York will be the sixth state to do so after Washington legalized it first in 2019, then Colorado, Oregon, Vermont and California. Human composting, also known as, "natural organic reduction," is the process of turning the human body into soil after you pass away.

Over several weeks, the body will decompose and is actually the most friendly to the environment opposed to burying the human body or cremation. Human composting cuts down on carbon emissions. The creation of the soil is then used to plant flowers, vegetables, trees or used to help with existing vegetation.

Do you approve of human composting? Let us know in the comments!

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