NYC Is Ranked 3rd Best City In The World For 2023

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New York City has been ranked the 3rd best city in the world for 2023!

The international consultant group, Resonance has released their ranking of the best cities in the world. A yearly list they release and this year, NYC was ranked number three.

Resonance ranks the cities with six categories, place, programming, prosperity, product, people, and promotion. In addition, they also factor in weather, safety, as well as, restaurants, nightlife, education, and overall culture. Only cities with a population of more than one million are reviewed for the list. Resonance shares that “after a hellish two years, few places on the planet were as ready to relaunch as NYC.”

The greatest city in America—lauded and crowned in our rankings for the past seven years and in countless others for many more—was a ghastly reminder during the pandemic of the vulnerability of even the colossal and seemingly all-powerful; we saw here what awaited the rest of the country. And the world. As early cases spiked, Gotham became the nation’s nightmarish coronavirus core.

According to Chris Heywood, former executive vice president, global communications at NYC & Company, “We’re anticipating being back to 85 percent of 2019 levels within the year. We have benchmarked 2024 to be back to previous record-setting numbers.”

Which cities were number 1 and 2? London and Paris took those first spots!

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