Nude Pickleball Is On The Rise

Photo: Getty Images

Pickleball is the new sport everyone is partaking in... especially nudists!

Nude pickleball is coming to a court near you if you don't watch out! Naturist resorts all over the country are discovering that nudists want more pickleball. Clothing-optional resorts are finding that pickleball facilities and hosting tournaments are in high demand among their guests.

Mike Sullivan, a USA pickleball ambassador and resident of Cypress Cove Nudist Resort in Kissimmee, Florida, says, "Pickleball is the biggest sport here by five times." “Nothing else comes close,” Sullivan said. “Tennis is dying. Most of them have died off or hurt their knees. I think they have eight people left.” He continues, “We tell people, just bring your tennis shoes. We provide the paddles and the balls."

Another general manager of a nudist camping,Tracy Pangburn, spot says that 30 people play "clothing-optional pickleball" ever day. “We’re putting in a second court,” she said. “I had to get rid of the shuffleboard to make room for pickleball.”

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