NYC Covid Rates Are Up, Especially In These Three Neighborhoods

Photo: Getty Images

Positive COVID cases are seeing an uptick in certain parts of New York City. The positivity rates in the city are over 30%.

Where are we seeing the most positive cases? Brooklyn's East Flatbush is up 30.43% according to the latest from the city. Other parts of New York aren't as bad, but still Astoria is seeing positivity rates up to 27% and 22% in Hell's Kitchen. As of January 6th more than 1/3 of New York City neighborhoods have positivity rates above 20% and four out of five neighborhoods exceed 15%.

As the virus is spreading, the World Health Organization is worried that the virus is mutating. One top WHO official said this week, "The more this virus circulates, the more opportunity it has to change."

To schedule an appointment for a booster, New Yorkers should contact their local pharmacy, county health department, or healthcare provider; visit; text their ZIP code to 438829, or call 1-800-232-0233 to find nearby locations.

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