Ben Simmons Sends Legal Notice To His Ex To Return Her Engagement Ring!

Reportedly, Ben Simmons sent a legal notice to his ex, Maya Jama, in order for her to return the engagement ring he gave her.

A source close to Simmons said, "Ben was really shocked when she left and didn’t give him the ring back."

The insider continued, "He was madly in love with her and thought it was forever, so was really p***ed she didn’t give it back. It cost around $1 million, and they were engaged less than a year."

A spokesperson for Maya said, "Maya received a request from Ben’s representatives on Friday afternoon asking her to return the engagement ring that he gave her as a gift last year."

The spokesperson continued, "This was the first time that she has been asked by Ben to return it and, for the avoidance of any doubt, she has never refused to return it. Maya is making arrangements to return the ring to Ben and wishes him all the best."


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