Pentatonix On How They Crafted Their Extra-Special JingleBall Set

Ahead of their performance at Z100's JingleBall, Pentatonix's low-end section dropped by the All Access Lounge to tease their extra special performance.

"The cool thing is that we're making a very special show, specifically for this," explained Kevin Olusola. "You're getting something very, very different from us tonight, which is really exciting."

"I feel like it's electric," added Matt Sallee. "We get so excited. We love what we do. We love arranging music and seeing what we could do, breaking boundaries with just our voices. It's been really cool."

The a cappella pop group has been wowing audiences with their creativity for years, but getting their show to stage-shape with so many voices in the room has it's challenges.

"The cool thing about our group is that we know that every single person is integral to the making the sound," Olusola noted. "If you take out one person, if you take out the beat boxing, then you have a vocal group, which is beautiful, but you don't have the beat, right? If you take out Matt, you could have these beautiful, beautiful harmonies, you could have a beat, but you don't have the thing that roots us that grounds us. It's really nice that every single person brings something different and it makes one harmonious sound."

Check out the full pre-JingleBall interview via the player above!

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