Harry Styles' Stalker Sends Him 8,000 Cards In Less Than One Month

Photo: Getty Images

Harry Styles is dealing with an alleged stalker. The Grammy winner has reportedly received 8,000 cards from 35-year-old Myra Carvalho in less than one month. According to BBC News, prosecutors "argue" that some of her cards were wedding cards.

Two of her handwritten letters were also hand-delivered to Styles' address in the UK, where Carvalho traveled to in December and has been staying in a backpacking hostel in west London. Prosecutors added that her family in Brazil did not know she had traveled to the UK. Carvalho did not enter a plea and was remanded in custody for the case to be heard in front of the same court on April 19th.

Styles has yet to address the situation and likely won't unless he's asked to appear in court. Although, the current situation doesn't seem to be as bad as a similar story that was reported earlier this month.

Fellow global superstar Taylor Swift is expected to attend a future trial about her alleged stalker David Crowe. While he was expected to stand trial on February 7, a court-ordered mental evaluation kept him at Riker's Island.

Crowe has been arrested three times within a short span and faced charges for repeatedly lurking outside Swift's New York apartment. He's accused of appearing near Swift's residence 30 times in two months, and his charges include stalking, harassment, and criminal contempt. A protective order, issued after his second arrest, prohibited contact with Swift but Crowe's deliberate violation resulted in another arrest and contempt charges.

Unfortunately, it seems having stalkers is part of the deal when you're this famous.

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