Chris Brown Reacts After He Gets Stuck In The Air During Concert

Chris Brown

Photo: Getty Images

Chris Brown was furious after a glitch left him dangling in mid-air during his concert, and it was all caught on camera.

The revered singer was in the middle of his performance during his "11:11 Tour" stop at the Prudential Center in New Jersey on Tuesday night, June 11, when something went wrong. Brown was lifted into the air by two ropes while he sang his hit song "Under The Influence," but he had some trouble getting down. In a video of the incident, you can see Breezy look frustrated as he signaled for assistance from his staff.

It seems like a malfunction with the pulleys prevented Chris Brown from returning to the ground. Brown did his best to continue the performance while he was suspended in mid-air. Even his dancers continued their routine as usual. A few moments later, people from the side of the stage brought out a ladder to help CB get down safely. Once he landed on the ground, you can see the award-winning singer shout at one of the staff members before he gracefully closed out the song.

Brown's "11:11 Tour" has been a success ever since it kicked off in Detroit earlier this month. Breezy even brought back his intimate meet-and-greets where fans gladly paid $1,111 to get up close and personal with him. Photos from his recent sessions with fans went viral once again just like they did last year. Check out a few shots from fans below.

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