Hello my darlings!

So 5SOS has a third album on the way, and according to Luke Hemmings, it is the best work the band has ever done (read his post below as well as comments from all of the band). Judging by the lead single #WantYouBack, these are #FACTS! I got to play the song for the #5SOSFam tonight and the reaction was FIYAHHHH! The fans are loving it, and so am I. You can tell all over my Instagram, ha (and below).  I have supported these guys since the beginning (I included some throwback pics at the bottom) and it's awesome to see them grow and evolve with time. I see HUGE things in the future for 5SOS! I'm excited to play their new music and see where it all goes! Hope your weekend is going well!


Erica America


Erica America

Erica America

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