PHOTO: 'Twilight' Together Again + More Celeb Reunions!

Hello daaaahlings!

Hope you had a great weekend! I had so much fun with you on-air at Z100. We rocked out to all of your favorite jams! So... there's one thing people seem to like seeing on social media- reunions of our favorite movies, TV shows and music groups! Thank you to E News for posting this compilation of reunion pics (swipe right to see them all).

It's so good to see 'NSYNC hanging out together again, as they were definitely a defining musical group for me in my late teens. Anyone else out there a big Britney Spears and 'NSYNC fan? Hit me up so we can discuss our fandom! I love Justin Timberlake in all of his his solo superstardom, but it's good to appreciate the awesome-ness that was 'NSYNC!

Then there's the 'Twilight' reunion with Kristen Stewart + Taylor Lautner. That has that shock value in that K-Stew is rocking a way different look than her original movie character Bella. I am glad she is unapologetically herself and dresses how she wants! Go girl.

I also love seeing Demi Lovato + Selena Gomez reuniting. I think they their went separate ways for a while as they discovered themselves in their early twenties (they used to be besties), but now they are back to being cool and rooting eachother on! They are both awesome so I dig it! Oh! And it's very sweet that the women of 'Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants' are STILL great friends through all of their life milestones. That's impressive that they have remained so close!

What's your favorite celeb reunion? Not pictured is the cast of 'Full House', 'Gilmore Girls', and a lot more! I always love to hear your thoughts. Connect with me on social media: @TheEricaAmerica!


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