PHOTO: Britney Spears Is 'ICONIC' 'SURVIVOR' Says Missy Elliot


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It's me, Ericccccca! I'm currently on-air with you at Z100 having a "world wide dance party" as I call it, as per usual! Hope this weekend is going well for you so far! I'm happy to make you happy by playing your favorite jams! How are you feeling this weekend?

So let's get to this Britney-Missy stuff.  Yesterday Britney Spears posted the cutest video of her dancing passionately with her boyfriend of over one-year, Sam Asghari. It was the day after she accepted the 'Vanguard Award' at the #GLAADAwards, with Sam right by her side. The award is presented to "celebrities and notables who have made a big impact on promoting equality and acceptance of #LGTBQ people." She made an adorable, heartfelt speech and, to me, seemed more confident and happy than she has been in a long time. You know that makes me happy as I am the biggest Britney fan and she is a huge inspiration to me. The next day came the dancing video which furthers that point. You can see Britney is happy in her movement and dancing has always been her biggest passion. It's so cute that Sam dances with her! Loves it!

So not only was it just me and the #Britney Army who were happy to see this video, the one and only MISSY ELLIOT tweeted Britney (while retweeting her dance video) and said, as you can see above, that basically Britney is a true SURVIVOR in the game and is still ICONIC. *HeartMelts* I always say this.. game recognizes game. Icons recognize icons and that is exactly what's happening here. I know that Britney feels the SAME WAY about Missy, as she even dedicated a whole dance breakdown portion of her "Piece Of Me" Vegas show to a mix of Missy Elliot hits. I loved that part! 

Britney doesn't just jump on the latest trend.. she values good music no matter when it is from and iconic talent. And you can see here it's a mutual admiration society with Brit and Missy. AND another point I would like to make is that generally everyone loves when Britney seems genuinely happy. She has truly been through so much and to see her come back to be the best she can be is truly inspirational. I'm also going to include photos from the GLAAD Awards below.

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