Royal Family Celebrates Prince Louis' Christening

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Sunday night.. the weekend is coming to a close. I hope you had a great July weekend! Congrats to France who won the World Cup today! I know soccer/football fans everywhere were very pumped today! Bars around the city screened the big game and fans carried flags of their favorite team. Did you watch the World Cup?

So on to these new flicks, the Royal Family celebrated their youngest son Prince Louis' christening and released their first official photos. Make sure you swipe right to see the photos. The entire family looks BEAUTIFUL and the photos are very classy indeed! I love Dutchess Kate's whole outfit and head piece.. so gorgeous and classy. The Royal Family is now a family of five and they seem like really lovely, kind people. That's not easy considering the life that live being followed and scrutinized literally everywhere they go! It must be hard to have privacy and I'm sure they guard their private times very closely!

Have a wonderful week ahead and let's talk soon!


Erica America

Erica America

Erica America

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