Kylie Jenner Gushes Over Stormi + Travis Scott

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We have some Kylie Jenner media to discuss! But first and foremost, I want to thank you so much for spending time with me this weekend on-air at Z100. Lots of sweet new music, our favorite power smashes, the feeling of Thanksgiving and the holidays coming soon, and brrrr, the chill of winter is in the air here in the NYC area! I hope you have a great week ahead, whether you will be off and spending time with family for Gobble-Gobble Day or if you are one of the people who has to work on the holiday and/or Black Friday. I've worked and work many holidays in my career, so I feel you and see you. For those who may feel lonely and like you are missing out (working or not, ha), I'm sending you love (and mental warm mashed potatoes, ha). Shout out to those who love the holiday, and ALSO shout to those who have to deal with drama, stress or uncomfortable feelings at their family functions. We all have different experiences with holidays and whatever yours will be this year, I send you love, light and comfort. <3

Moving on to Kylie Jenner! Kylie took to Instagram to post an adorable selfie of her + daughter Stormi with a very sweet caption: "ugh i love you so much. a living breathing piece of my heart ♥️" 

She also posted a photo and loving caption about her man + father of their daughter Stormi, Travis Scott which was very thoughtful. Then, there was more! A super-cute video of adorable Stormi playing with Mommy's Kylie Cosmetics with Kylie "trying to teach her some new words". I'm glad to see that Kylie seems happy, joyful and in a loving place with herself and her family.  

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Erica America


Erica America

Erica America

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