Scott Disick Drops An Unexpected #WCW

Hello my loves,

Scott Disick! I first want to say that I really like Scott. I believe he as a good heart, always means well even though he has made some mistakes (who hasn't? He's faced difficulties many people have), has grown a lot throughout the years, loves his children, and has a unique sense of humor. I think he's been an integral part of KUWTK.

Earlier today he dropped his Instagram #WCW... and it wasn't the expected romantic choice! Scott's #WCW was his long-time bestie Khloe Kardashian! Now before people read into it too much.. I think it's ALL LOVE between these two. They have created such a long-lasting bond over the years, throughout many of their life ups-and-downs, they're like brother and sister! Scott and Khloe are family. As always, I'm sending love to Khloe, who is a truly a loving, grateful, kind, beautiful woman. She's overcome many obstacles in her life and come out stronger! And here's to Scott for also battling through his own issues and moving forward in a positive direction. And for giving props to Queen Khloe!


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