Bebe Rexha 'Last Hurrah' #1 on 'Erica's Coming In Hot List'

Hello beautiful souls,

Bebe Rexha on the brain! First things first, I hope you are well at this moment in time, no matter what you are going through. Life most certainly has its ups and downs, we all can relate to that! Music is a great way to connect to our feelings, be more in the present moment, and sometimes just escape into 'feeling good' when we need it most. As I always say:

Music is healing. Music inspires us, comforts us, and is always there for us.

With that said, I've been compiling a running list of my favorite new songs that are MOVING ME. I'm calling it Erica's Coming In Hot List. The songs are of all different genres, as I believe good music is not only subjective, but knows no boundaries or limits.

I'll cut to the chase: Bebe Rexha "Last Hurrah" is my Number One SMASH! The song is already killing it on the charts and radio. As soon as I heard it, I felt this special connection. Bebe's LYRICS, voice, melody, and importantly, EMOTION. I also appreciate the duality of the music video. No one has to be just 'one' type of person. We are all complex beings, made of light and shadow, and we can embrace it ALL! Bebe's #LastHurrah reflects just that. She's owning who she is and expressing her awareness and growth as a person. While we all make 'mistakes' or choices we may not think are the best, there's always a new moment to start again. And maybe there are no mistakes.. just experiences that help us grow (getting deep on you :) ). A song can be a bop and slay the charts, but Bebe Rexha puts her heart, soul and VULNERABILTY into her songs. Can't wait for more of her new music!

I've supported Bebe for a long time now and it's been a pleasure to watch her connect more and more with the world through her voice, truth and music. Keep being yourself and inspiring.. by just. being. you.


Erica America



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