Justin Bieber Names The "Most Iconic" Figures Of His Generation

Hey guys!

Justin Bieber posted up a picture of Lebron James on his IG straight-dunkin'-on-em earlier! It was actually the caption I found to be interesting! The Biebs basically named what he believes to be the most "iconic figures" of his generation.

JB's caption:

@kingjames! Finna dunk on the world like king James with the summer bangers🚫🧢 LeBron is the most iconic figure of my generation, and President Obama

So you heard it, guys! Justin thinks Lebron James and President Barack Obama are the most iconic figures of his generation. I hope Justin is doing well with the deeper things going on in his life, as he recently posted about on social media.

I hope you have a great weekend! April is right around the corner!


Erica America



Photo: Getty Images

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