Miley Cyrus Celebrates No. 1 Rock Album With 'Plastic Hearts'

You know I LOVE Miley Cyrus! She's a rockstar, popstar, multi-talented artist, actress, philanthropist, talk show host, superstar.. the list goes on. Honestly, Miley Cyrus is anything she wants to be. I appreciate that even after being in the industry since she was a child, she's still down-to-earth. She's also smart, honest, and I love her fearless attitude.

I'm always inspired by Miley's journey and how she evolves with every 'era'. 'Plastic Hearts' uncovers a new layer of artistry and you can tell she put her heart and soul into it. Miley now has the NUMBER ONE ROCK ALBUM in the country which is a huge accomplishment and shows how diverse of an artist she is. She shared her reaction to the news and I wanted to pass it along in case you havent seen it!

If that's not enough sweet news, Miley Cyrus ALSO received her DIAMOND PLAQUE for 'Party In The USA'. Well deserved! The smash is a timeless American anthem. Miley Cyrus.. thank you for your service.



Photo: Getty Images

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