Internet Outage Shuts Down Major Websites Worldwide

Did you ever think about how much we rely on the Internet in 2021? With so many of us on staring at our phones 24/7- this was major!

Yesterday there was a worldwide SHUT DOWN across the web!

The website outage didn't affect just a few sites or one app. Nope! The outage affected many popular sites like Reddit, Amazon, and Twitch. It also affected news sites like the NY Times and CNN, and even shut down government websites!

It was reported that the cause of the issue was a content delivery network (CDN). The wipe-out lasted over an hour. It may not sound like a long time, but it means millions of people were unable to connect to sites they love and/or potentially rely upon for information. Thankfully the 'net is back in business!

I'm curious- how would YOU feel if all your fave sites or apps suddenly shut down? Hit me up on socials @TheEricaAmerica. Let's discuss!


Erica America

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