Katy Perry Says She's 'Not Single' After Reconnecting With Orlando Bloom

Katy Perry might have been trying to be slick when speaking about her relationship status during the season finale of American Idol on Monday (May 21), but folks caught onto the brief mention during the live broadcast, which saw Maddie Poppe take the crown. 

Perry's reveal arrived during a joke between her and show guest Becca Kufrin of The Bachelorette. When the pop star asked her if she could be in the running to win her heart on an upcoming dating show, Kufrin said, "Yes, I’ll give you all my roses." As for Perry's response, well, it seems like she may have indeed rekindled her romance with Orlando Bloom after all. "I’m not single, but I still like you," Perry replied. For quite some time, it has been rumored that Perry and Bloom have romantically reunited, particularly after they were seen meeting Pope Francis in Vatican City in April during the "United to Cure" international conference. 

Days later, Bloom spoke about Perry in his interview with U.K.'s The Times. "She's a remarkable human being, actually,” he gushed. "Completely surprising, because I am not her demographic. I am a little older than her, so I wasn’t someone overly familiar with her artistic endeavors when we met. I wouldn’t have imagined anything happening. And, you know, when you get hit sideways you get hit sideways. You don’t pick who you fall in love with. And then you come around and there’s all sorts of things that happen in between, right?"

Meanwhile, another romantic revelation was revealed during the broadcast when the Top 2 finalists Poppe and Calab Lee Hutchinson confirmed that they were dating. "She's my best pal," Caleb Lee told the audience during the finale. "I've known her since Hollywood Week, and she actually happens to be my girlfriend."

Photo: Getty Images

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