Girl Shares List Of 11 Demands Boyfriend Gave Her Before Leaving To College

A TikTok user uploaded a slew of "rules" her boyfriend gave her before she left to College.

It was literally a list of demands. Thankfully she dumped his insecure, abusive ass but the video has since gone viral. Below is the list of demands the boyfriend gave to Carolyn.

  • Don’t ignore me after reading this
  • Never turn off your life360, find my iphone, or Snap location
  • Approve all outfits you wear past me and my mom
  • Do not come in contact with boys by 25 or more feet
  • Absolutely no drinking
  • No crop tops or tight clothing
  • Be in your dorm by 9pm every night and facetime me so I know you are alone
  • No frat parties, house parties, dorm parties etc
  • No wearing other boys clothing
  • No comparing hand sizes with other boys, hugging, kissing etc
  • Never take off the ring I gave you

Bruh. This dude is OUT OF HIS MIND if he thinks this is "normal" or ok. This entire situation screams "LITTLE D*** ENERGY!"

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