MORE DETAILS: NY Officer Who Shot Ex Girlfriend After Allegedly Breaking In

NYPD officer Yvonne Wu broke into her ex girlfriends home then shot Jenni Li (her ex) and Jenni's new love interest, Jamie Liang.

Officer Wu was charged with murder and attempted murder for allegedly shooting the pair in an obvious spat of jealousy.

According to reports, Wu broke into LI's home and waited hours for her ex to show up. When Li showed up, she had a new love interest with her. The new girlfriend was 24 year old Jamie Liang.

After the alleged shooting Wu told a high ranking NYPD Officer of the crimes committed. One new source reports Wu was sitting on Li’s bed when Li came home with her new boo. When Li made the 911 call, the unidentified 911 operator heard someone in the background say, “That’s what you get,” sources told The Daily News.

Li, 23, was found in a bedroom shot but still alive. Liang, shot at least once in the chest was pronounced dead at the hospital.

According to reports, Wu and Li dated for a couple years and things ended less than a month ago.

A friend of ex girlfriend Jenny Li told reporters Wu was a "psychopath". "The cop was already stalking them ... (Jenny) didn’t want the police involved. She wanted to handle it on her own. She thought she could handle it.”

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