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Podcast for Wrestling Fans • SUPERSTAR CROSSOVER Ep. 4 - CHARLOTTE FLAIR


Thanks for coming by and checking out the SUPERSTAR CROSSOVER!

This new iHeartRadio podcast will bring the biggest names in wrestling together for exclusive conversations. You will not hear me babble on about today’s wrestling scene. You don’t care about my opinion. What you do care about is the guests I have on and hearing their stories in their own words. 

I recently kicked it with CHARLOTTE FLAIR. We discussed several different topics including:

•What keeps her motivated to stay at the top of her game. 

•Headlining #WRESTLEMANIA a second time with Ronda Rousey. 

•Is she feeling more pressure going into #WRESTLEMANIA38 than she did at WRESTLEMANIA35?

•Her wedding planning advice. 

•Would she rather have 1 title reign last three years or 17 reigns combined to last three years?

•How important fashion is to her character. 

•The most underrated woman in WWE today. 

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