Charli XCX Says She Made Her Album In 5 Weeks + Working With Lady Gaga

Charli XCX joins us in the Z100 studios to talk all about her album and working with Lady Gaga!

"I feel good. I feel like I really lived in New York... it feels like the world is going back to some kind of normality," Charli tells Maxwell and Crystal. "It was (a whirlwind)," Charli says about writing her album in 5 weeks. "It was really amazing at the time because it totally took the focus away from looking at myself... it filled my time."

Charli continues, "Some music i have written it's either the most personal thing ever or I genuinely don't know what I'm talking about." She says this is complete rference to her song with Icona Pop "I Love It."

"There was no thought process at all," Charli says about working with Lady Gaga. "If you want to get anything done just ask the little monsters."

Watch Charli's full interview with Maxwell and Crystal above!

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