How Does Ed Sheeran Decide Which Songs to Keep?

Our good buddy Ed Sheeran dropped not one, but TWO songs on the world Friday, January 6th. After being pretty much MIA for an entire year, he shared "Shape of You" and "Castle On The Hill" with the world. And when he sat down to talk to Capital FM in London, he also shared his secret to keeping songs from leaking off of his laptop & how he decides to either keep it for himself or give it to another artist.

"Sometimes I'll go in and be like, I'm gonna write something specifically for that person. And then sometimes I'll go in and finish a song and it goes into this little thing in my laptop called 'song jail.'"

Word on the street is that one of his newest songs was actually written with the intention of going to Rihanna! Take a look at the chat by clicking the pic!



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