The Bachelor Recap: Where did Corrine sleep now?

Last night's episode of The Bachelor kicked off at the pool party because when selecting your future wife, it's good to know if they can swim or look good in a bikini. While there wasn't much swimming, there were some threats, like from Vanessa. She told Nick that if Corrine comes back for another week, she might give back her rose. You won't. 

In other news, everyone decided to confront Corrine on her nap problems habits after she was caught sleeping AGAIN to which she responds, "why is my nap schedule any of your business?" Touché. As for the rose ceremony, Raven, Taylor, Whitney, Kristina, Jasmine, Astrid, Danielle M., Jaimi, Josephine, Sarah, and Corrine all received a precious rose. Oh and would you look at that, no one gave theirs back.

Next stop on the group date, Milwaukee! The contestants got to meet Nick's parents and help him feed and milk baby cows. Aw how presh! Yeah, it's all cute until Nick's mom drops a huge bomb asking Nick if he even remembers what real love feels like because he's been single for so long. Aight, Mama Viall. Danielle L. wins gets the one-on- one date! Nick being the romantic that he is didn't have too much planned for the date and instead just drove her around his town pointing out his old make out spots.

Once back at the mansion, Corrine tries to reconcile with the other contestants. Maybe she won't need that nanny for too much longer. #FreeRaquel2k17



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