Leah Loves The Bachelor: Week 6 Recap

Hello Bachelor fam!! Before we really get into this weeks recap, I must share an important photo/story!!!!!! I went to Good Morning America this week to see Nick, and BEN HIGGINS aka my favorite past bachelor walks into the room! It made me feel like a little dancing Danielle Maltby!! 

I was so excited. I hyperventilated a bit. And then... he came over to where I was sitting. We reminisced on the time he crashed my viewing party😳. I nearly died right then and there. We took this cute picture and he liked it on twitter. We are pretty much homies. 

But enough about me and my love for Ben... It is time to get to the juicy stuff. 

Ok... Maybe not that kind of juicy stuff. More like the SIX women Nick sent home this week!?! First we had to say goodbye to my favorite contestant, Alexis. I cried. Alexis cried. We all cried. The Rose Ceremony was also the end to Nicks relationships with Josephine and Jaimi. There were no tears there (for me).. I didn't even expect them to make it past the first night, and I'm pretty sure every week Josephine was still there was a shock to her, as well. 

But then it got serious... Nick unexpectedly had a second two-on-one date. He sent home Whitney (which really wasn't that much of a surprise because WHO?!), Jasmine went home after some dramatics, and he sent Danielle L. home after a heart breaking scene. 

Saying goodbye to Danielle made me so angry for two reasons: 


2) I had her in my final four for my fantasy league. 😔

This week was pretty much only good for my new favorite, Kristina. She told Nick (and America) about her heartbreaking childhood, and left anyone who watched in tears. I am now seriously pushing for her to be the next Bachelorette. She has so much zest for life after what she has gone through and I want to watch her live that life next season (@ABC producers please hook this up!!!). 

And now for this weeks tears... There will never be a crier who tops Ashley I. from Chris Soules season, but week 6 (season 2) came pretty close to meeting the amount of times Ashely cried per episode (season 19). Here are a very small fraction of the tears we experienced: 

Now I'm going to cry about how much I already miss Alexis.
Intern Leah is out✌️

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