Sami J's Soul Cycle Playlist Week 2

It's a Monday, which means your Soul Cycle classes just went up for booking for the week and you're going to need some sick tunes to ride to! That's where I come in... Here are the songs I can't wait to ride to this week!

1. Lost Kings/ Emily Warren- Phone Down

Why I love it: This song is a great way to start class with a quick reminder to put that phone down and turn your mind off and ride to the beat! 


2. M.I.A- Y.A.L.A

Why I love it: My instructor Casi out of Long Island introduced me to this song. She played it during our six minute arm circuit and I can't do arms any other way now!


3. The Weekend/ Daft Punk- Starboy

Why I love it: Because Daft Punk that's why.


4. Drake- Child's Play

Why I love it: This song gets me sprinting and then at the breakdown I'm hitting my isolations like never before! I think it's important to play music you can vibe to during class so you know you're hitting your choreography and that's this song for me.


5. Chance The Rapper- All We Got

Why I love it: BECAUSE IT'S CHANCE THE MOTHER FREAKING RAPPER. This song takes me to church and it's great to jog to!



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