Leah Loves The Bachelor: Week 8 Recap

If you haven't watched this weeks episode yet, you must do so right now. It was the worst hometown episode I've seen because Kristina wasn't there and there were way too many cringe-worthy moments. Let's get into it!!!

1) Raven. 

Ok... This girl confused me during her entire date. She had already told nick that she loved him, but she was making a big deal out of telling him how she really felt?! And I really didn't want to like Raven, but this episode made me fall in love with the two of them😩

And when Raven's parents told her that her dad was cancer free... I cried. The Bachelor is not a show I should be crying over, yet this season has tears flowing every week. How!?

The best part of Raven's hometown date was 100% her brother rolling up in a cop car. I couldn't figure out why it felt so fake until he introduced himself. Amazing. Raven better be in the final two. 

2) Rachel.

I am still so in love with her. This date just felt so irrelevant because you already know Nick didn't pick her. Regardless, their date was my favorite this week. I love that Rachel brought Nick to church, and her family was so amazing. 

I finally realized how much of a smooth talker Nick is. The way he was talking to Rachel's mom had me speechless. Give me those skills please.

3) Corinne. 

This girl is really something else. I now want to be adopted by Corinne so she can buy me fancy clothes and have Raquel make me cheesy pasta and cucumbers. I cannot believe she spent so much money on some guy that tbh she probably will not get engaged to...

AND HOW AWKWARD WAS THAT "I LOVE YOU". I literally can't. So much cringing occurred throughout America last night. #thankscorinne

4) Vanessa. 

I still want Vanessa to win, but she was too much for me this episode. I loved them visiting her job. The scrapbook was everything, but the scene with Nick and her dad was just so uncomfortable. The look Vanessa's dad gave Nick when they went to talk actually gave me goosebumps. 

Vanessa was also acting like she was the only girl left? You have a 25% shot girl, so please just simmer. And obviously he asked the other fathers for their daughters hands in marriage because he still has time left to make his decision. 

She was just very extra this week. Praying she gets it together by the overnight dates. Thanks V. 

This episode was both cute and annoying, and I loved every second of it. See you next week Bachelor fam! Intern Leah is out. 



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