Leah Loves The Bachelor: Week 9 Recap

This week was very frustrating. I need two hours of The Bachelor. Not one and not three. ABC, I'll be expecting that this never occurs again. And while nothing really important happened this week, I know next week will have me wanting to lock myself in a closet so I can cry alone. I am not ready to say goodbye to Rachel, Raven or Vanessa. 

However, I was SO ready for Corinne to leave this week, but it was kind of sad😢. You could really tell how much she loved Nick. Just look at that face😭!!

Aside from Corinne leaving, there wasn't much action. It was just Raven repeating the same two sentences for the rest of the hour. *yawn*. 

I really have started to like Raven though... Her and Nick are so cute every time they're together. I still don't think she's going to win. So keep smiling before Nick breaks your heart, homegirl. 

The only other semi-relevant thing that happened this week was Andi showing up to give Nick advice. Other than that, it was pretty clear this week was just a filler episode.

Nevertheless, I cannot wait to see Queen V slay next week. 

I'll see y'all after week 10😳. Until then, Intern Leah is out. 💖



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