"Divide" Reaction Photos!!

I'd like to start by saying... if you haven't listened to Divide yet, what are you even doing!??!?!!? Ed Sheeran has done it again. He has taken every emotion I've ever felt and put them into an album. He is just so lovely. And this album is JUST AS LOVELY AS HE IS. Thank you Ed, thank you. Please enjoy a few of my reactions to this glorious album. 

"Galway Girl" just makes me want to dance. The opening line is so catchy ("She played the fiddle in an Irish band, but she fell in love with an English man"). I do not dance, but this album has got me moving. It is so concerning. While I may not be dancing in this photo, it equally represents my feelings towards "Galway Girl". 

"Perfect" is equivalent to "Tenerife Sea" and "Thinking Out Loud" to me. It's another classic Ed song that makes me want to cry, eat chocolate cake, and cry some more. Here is me sitting on the floor of the office wondering why Ed Sheeran will never love me the way that I love Ed Sheeran. 

The song I was dying to hear off of Divide was "Dive". IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT. This song makes me want to snap, sway, and (once again) cry. Every thing Ed does makes me want to cry in the best way possible.😭💞

"Castle on the Hill"... This is the song that makes me feel like a lead actress in an oscar-nominated film. You can catch me dramatically prancing down the street or looking out the window of a cab every time this song comes on. So if you see an embarrassing girl with her head out of a cab in NYC, it's me. 

"Nancy Mulligan" IS MY FAVORITE bop from Divide. I wish I could better explain the emotions this song brings out, but I have no words. This song just makes me feel content. Please enjoy this terribly awkward selfie of me listening to "Nancy Mulligan". 

Thanks for another great album, Ed. 

It has been real y'all. Intern Leah is out✌️.



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