WORST Cities for College Hoops Fans

We're all getting pretty pumped to fill out our college hoops brackets right?!?!? It's known as "March Madness" and it's one of the best months in college sports. 64 Teams all want the title, and everyone in the office wants the perfect bracket! Well, there are some cities that ADORE college hoops, others not so much. The website WalletHub came up with the list of 2017's Best & Worst Cities for College Basketball Fans.

All we really care about is THE WORST!

According to the site...they did a BEST vs WORST comparison:

- The Villanova Wildcats have the highest winning percentage among college teams (88.15%), which is six times higher than the Grambling State Tigers, the losingest team (15.57%)

- Lexington, Ky. , has the most expensive season tickets, starting at $950, or 21 times more than a season of hoops in Hamilton, N.Y. ($45).

- Thanks to John Wooden and UCLA, Los Angeles is home to the country‚Äôs most national championship banners (11), while Philadelphia has the most regular season titles (116). 



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