[VID] New Trailer for Live Action 'Little Mermaid' Film

The release of the live-action version of Disney's Beauty And The Beast set for theaters nationwide (well, except for that stupid theater in Alabama) has everyone pretty excited about more remakes.  Movie houses have done this for years, taking the hype of one release and hoping their similar movie will do just as well. It looks like there's a live-action version of The Little Mermaid coming!  

This isn't the DISNEY version of the film that I'm sure you're hoping for...hell, I was kinda fooled also. Let's keep it real, when you think of The Little Mermaid you're DEFINITELY thinking of the version with Ariel & that fork, am I right?

This version is far from the toon most of us are familiar with. I've never heard of the whole circus sideshow manager who wants to keep a mermaid girl locked in a cage, but apparently it's to a theater near you.

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