New York's New 'U' Shaped Skyscraper

According to reports in the Daily Mail UK it looks like there might just be a new and unique building coming to the New York skyline. It's being called, "The Big Bend" and is the idea of design group Oiio. The imagined structure is an giant arch and would straddle New York's "Billionaire Row" on 57th street in Manhattan.

It is being described as "the longest building in the world" and the concept designed show a skyscraper that is curved. "The Big Bend" will feature an elevator system that can travel in curves!! What is this, a "Wonka-vator???" The elevator will supposedly also travel horizontally and in loops!


Apparently the zoning laws in NYC are pretty brutal and designers are always challenged with trying to work around or with them. OiiO studio explained

 "New York city’s zoning laws have created a peculiar set of tricks through which developers try to maximise their property’s height in order to infuse it with the prestige of a high rise structure. But what if we substituted height with length? What if our buildings were long instead of tall?

If we manage to bend our structure instead of bending the zoning rules of New York we would be able to create one of the most prestigious buildings in Manhattan. The longest building in the world."

Skyscraper oiioLet's get back to the pics of this crazy elevator design!!

The team described it's innovative elevator design:

"What was once considered to be the greatest challenge in elevator history, is finally becoming reality: the elevator that can travel in curves, horizontally and in continuous loops. 

'The innovative track changing system allows for the horizontal connection of two shafts on the top and bottom to create a continuous loop."

So, how does it measure up and how can it be called "the world's LONGEST building?"

Read more of this awesome project HERE!



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