Where Is The Cast Of Hannah Montana Now?!

HOW HAS IT BEEN 11 YEARS SINCE HANNAH MONTANA PREMIERED?! It feels like just yesterday that eight year old me was watching the pilot wishing I could be Miley Cyrus. I still wish I was as cool as her, but now the show is over. R.I.P.😭 In honor of this anniversary, we're going to take a look at the cast then and now. 

1. Hannah Montana aka Miley Cyrus--THEN:


NOW: She's still going strong with Liam Hemsworth, hanging out with her puppies, and being an inspiring activist!! She is also still so beautiful. 


2. Lilly Truscott aka Emily Osment--THEN:


NOW: She is thriving. She's still the lead on Young and Hungry, hanging out with a bunch of dogs (as seen on her Instagram, and hugging her former co-star, Jason Earles!! 


3. Jackson Stuart aka Jason Earles--THEN:


NOW: He's living his best life with his beautiful fiancé!!


4. Oliver Oken aka Mitchel Musso--THEN: 


NOW: He is also in a serious relationship with a beautiful lady!!! According to IMBb, he is also currently in filming for something!!!


5: Noah Cyrus (She didn't really have a name on the show, but she made a few appearances)--NOW:

NOW: Homegirl is doing incredible things. Her song "Make Me Cry" ft. Labrinth is out and soooo good!


I grew up with the cast!!! I miss this show more than words can explain. Happy 11 year anniversary, Hannah Montana😭💖



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