Pretty Little Liars Cast Tease Uber A

So as if we weren't tired enough from trying to figure out who A was for the last 10 years of our life, now we have to deal with Uber A and my brain is about to combust. While attending Paleyfest, the cast of Pretty Little Liars dished on their reaction to Uber A or as they refer to it at as AD. The cast found out who AD is during a script reading and honestly I wish I was in this writers room because I can't take the wait. Shay Mitchell calls the reveal "amazing", while Ashley Benson says,

"I didn't even know it was possible, so it was very shocking."

Executive producer of the show, Marlene King, reveals that it is someone we have seen on the show before. Thank God. We don't need any more randos in question. Looking at you Charlotte. 

The premier of the new and final season will be April 18 at 8pm EST on Freeform.



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