Embarrassing First Usernames

At some point in your social media career you must have had at least one embarrassing username... Whether it be from Myspace, Twitter, AIM, Neopets, Webkinz or some other website. We have all been there. 

Maxwell and his interns Leah, Sami J., and Brian have all had their fair share. Check those out:

Maxwell's come from his first DJ name after his football career--@DJStickyFingers. 

Leah's first username comes from her Webkinz account--@CatLover234 (But she's a dog lover!?)

Sami J's username comes from her Neopets account... Had she just watched Ice Princess?! It's unclear but seems very likely--@Ice_Princess597

Brian's pretty much represents the first time you access the internet. When you just don't know what your supposed to name yourself, so you go for something you think is cute or funny. It's usually not that funny though--iLikeFunny1997

What are your funny/embarrassing usernames?! Please let us know.. We are ready to laugh with (or maybe at) you about them!



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